The premium option for extreme wear situations.

ceramic-tilesRedco Ceramic Liners exponentially outlast UHMW and urethane in pure sliding wear applications. It has incredible tensile strength and hardness with industry leading abrasion resistance in both wet and dry applications.

  • Can be left grouted or ground to finish to reduce the coefficient of friction
  • Highly temperature and chemical resistant



Trowel On Ceramic

  • Most cost-effective option
  • Great for lining parts with complex geometry
  • Often used to line the section of pipe with lower wear (Tiles would be used to line the high wear areas)

Epoxy Backed Tile

  • The industry standard for extreme wear applications
  • 2 types: Flat tiles and hex matted tiles
  • Flat tiles are used in most applications, hex matted used mainly for conical and cylindrical sections
  • Tiles are grouted with high strength epoxy adhesive
  • Tiles are custom cut and laid by hand for complex geometries

Rubber/Urethane Backed Ceramics

  • Specialty option for applications with increased impact
  • Ceramic cylinders, hexagonal prisms, or flat tiles are embedded in elastomer
  • These liners provide exceptional wear life when facing increased impingement


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