How to select a liner material?

The key things to think about when selecting a liner material include the following:

  • What is the material causing the abrasion? (Particle size? Hardness?)
  • What is the angle of impact?
  • What is the drop height or the particle velocity at impact?
  • Is the application wet or dry?
  • Are there other attacking chemicals present?
  • Budget considerations?


What’s the Difference Between Impingement vs. Sliding Wear?

  • Tribology is the scientific/engineering field for the study of interacting surfaces in motion.
  • We focus on 2 distinct end members when it comes to wear, sliding/rubbing and impingement.
  • Impingement wear is the situation where particles impact and erode a surface.
  • Rubbing/sliding wear, on the other hand, occurs when two materials under load slide against each other. (Mason, 2002)
  • What differentiates these 2 wear mechanisms? Impact Angle
  • The other critical mechanism we must be aware of is Impact. Our liner material can fail if it is crushed and over compressed.

vertical sliding   Impact Liner