Rubber & Urethane Liners

Redco™ Rubber Liners

Redwood Plastics and Rubber hand builds custom rubber liners that are used in a wide variety of applications where excellent resistance to impingement wear is required. Redco™ Rubber Liners are most commonly found in dry running operations and can be manufactured to be resistant to chemical or oil attack.

Redco™ Rubber Liners also have the following benefits:

  • Generally the most economically friendly of our liner suite.
  • Custom hand built so they can be bonded to virtually any shape of substrate.
  • Do not require tooling.
  • Excellent impingement wear resistance.

rubber lined pipe  rubber liner


Redco™ Polyurethane Liners

Redco™ Polyurethane is incredibly versatile with excellent mechanical properties, superior wet abrasion, excellent impact resistance.

  • Soft urethanes offer excellent impingement wear resistance
  • Hard urethanes can also be used in sliding wear applications
  • Superior mechanical properties compared to rubber
  • Excellent in both wet and dry wear applications
  • Superior wear life compared to UHMW when angle of impact is 5 degrees or greater
  • Good chemical, oil, fungus resistance.


Redco™ 430 is the workhorse for most liner projects….

Our most commonly used material, ideal for environments where high abrasion resistance is the primary concern. Redco™ 430 (90A) also offers superior impingement resistance.

FEATURES: Weather Resistant, Cut & Tear Resistant, Impact Resistant, Elasticity

Durometer Hardness: 43D, 90A
Standard Color: Yellow


Cable sheave liners, deflector plates, impact wear liners, liner plates, pump liners, wear slides, etc.

urethane liners  urethane liners